Startup Port is not an incubator or an accelerator!

It is a hybrid co-foundry that focuses on the process of consistent startup creation by using shared subject matter expertise and shared key business resources.

We are market and segment agnostic, and have a passion for creating businesses and ventures with solid foundations.

We partner with selected seasoned entrepreneurs while our subject matter experts act as their multi-functional co-founders or operation advisors.

The ultimate end game is to scale up the startups as independent and fully-operational and functional self-supporting entities.


Work with Us

For today’s founders and entrepreneurs, the competition is fierce. There is no shortage of companies looking to have a positive impact on the world of tomorrow. Yet so few (less than 20 percent) make it. At Startup Port, we work hard every day to improve that number. It’s our passion.

It’s critical for founders to take advantage of the resources all around them. There is no need to operate in a vacuum.

Let us help you today!