Honesty – we always tell it like we see it, no sugar coating!

Service – we strive to give our clients best-in-class experiences, no trendy stuff!

Expertise – we know and use the products, services and solutions we speak about, no B.S.!

Learning – we are full-time students, striving to constantly learn more, and we strive to be great teachers too. Learn about other’s views and insights, explore new perspectives, consider the absurd.

Passion – we truly and honestly love what we do for a living.

Sharing  – We challenge ourselves  to think outsides of the norms and grow. We are willing to provide constructive feedback and share our ideas.

Sustainability – we transfer knowledge to empower our clients and our eco-system!

Abundance – we give away knowledge to empower our community.

Diversity – everyone willing to know deserves the same attention, we strive to be reflective of the world we serve.

Practice – we practice relentlessly, and preach what we practice.

Transparency – we believe in open, honest, to the point, transparent communication. We don’t claim something we are not.

Social Responsibility – we believe we will do well by doing good.

Simplicity – keep it simple! We strive for simple, elegant, intuitive, practical solutions that are instantly recognizable as such.

Agility – we are agile and value agility. We are passionate about quick but solid decisions

Authenticity – we believe authenticity is the only path to success. There are too many pretenders out there.

Hunger – we have a hunger and the creativity for building a business out of nothing. Ask yourself how can I help?

No hype – we don’t buy and believe in hype! There is too much fantasy, buzz and flashy stuff out there. Talk is cheap, our passion is execution.

Customers – we prefer to concentrate on customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Your customers are what makes the revenue click and your business grow.

Long run – we are in for the long run. We work with companies that have a great vision and aim to leave a legacy.

Commitment – we are committed every step of the way for our mutual success.

Success & legacy – we help great, talented entrepreneurs/founders build valuable companies that last.

Inclusion – we welcome participants without regard to color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, or disability.