Our Vision

We see a startup world evolving at an exponential pace, filled with technological wonders that improve and enhance everyone’s lives. We want to help entrepreneurs and founders adapt and keep pace with this incredible change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients manage the accelerating pace of change by identifying emerging technologies, proposing implications and offering solutions that create value and growth.


Strategic and Tactical Advisory

We offer deep knowledge subject matter expertise and strategic council. The majority of businesses that reach out are early stage and either need help with overall business strategy or creating a sales and marketing plan to scale revenue.  Startup Port and its team can come on as advisors to help set the proper winning strategy.

Design & Solutions

We provide insights in Designing, Developing and Deploying end-to-end technology solutions. Our fast track “Sprint 90” program de-risk and speed-up many facets of the design reaction lag time which is a detriment for quick sales traction. Our proprietary program creates a road map that accelerates design and implementation time.


The strategy is in place but you don’t have the resources to hire an executive or executive to hire the right team, create budgets and processes to execute the “plan”. In line with the growing national trend of outsourcing executives, Startup Port matter experts can step in as interim executive or sales leader to set up processes, budgets and build a winning team. Startup Port can help with everything that an early stage company hasn’t figured out yet.


Some Startup Port clients do need to raise capital. They’re figuring out how to grow their companies, and need connections to possible sources of capital or investment. Startup Port makes few direct investments, sometimes passing along a viable startup to other funds, in which they may be an investor. Most of the time, we connect viable startups to the best suited investors from a network of hundreds in Chicago and across the United States.