We truly believe you cannot do it alone!

Collaboration with true, tried and trusted partners is the foundation of success.

Along our journey we meet and work with great partners particularly well versed in business launch who deliver valuable solutions and services that help our startups get to the next level of success.

Here are  areas of support provided by our accredited preferred and trusted partners: (We are updating this list frequently with additional resources, so come back often.)

  • Legal (in cooperation with established law firms)
  • Administrative / Accounting
  • Engineering / Design /
  • Prototyping / Testing ? Validation ? Pilot Program
  • Marketing / Sales Force Training
  • Research (in cooperation with National Labs and Universities)
  • Product Development / Enhancement / Cost reduction
  • Equipment / Services / Supply Chain Sourcing
  • Programming / Coding (local support not offshore!)
  • Funding / Alternative financing solutions (in collaboration with local, domestic and international private equity, angel, venture and fund investors)
  • Grant and other funding research
  • Collaboratives and other Accelerators, TechnoParks (in partnership with other startup ecosystems)
  • Office spaces
  • Staffing and Board member selection
  • Travel and trade show support
  • Insurance and risk management/mitigation support
  • Internet Presence, Web Development & Design, E-Commerce

If you have questions or need a type of resource that is not listed please email hal.tezcan@startup-port.com. We can help make the right connection for you from our extensive preferred partners network.





MEET helps B2B growth companies effectively leverage at trade shows and in-person events. MEET’s system help its clients enter new markets, ramp-up sales quickly, and maintain a steady stream of high-quality prospects going forward. MEET’s founder Bill Kenney is a trade show and in-person event ROI specialist. He is the founder of My Expo and Event Team, a company that helps B2B growth companies effectively leverage trade shows and in-person events by teaching clients how to ramp-up sales quickly and maintain a steady stream of high-quality prospects going forward. His techniques dramatically improves lead generation results for event sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers. Many of our Turkish visitors may have seen him perform as the presenter, MC and speaker at the Startup Turkey and Startup Istanbul events. He is a true Trade Show guru. Contact Bill Kenney at MEET today for a free trade show participation assessment bill@meetroi.com or call +1 (860) 573-4821. Make sure to mention you were referred by Startup Port preferred partner network.



Join Fellow Entrepreneurs in Your One-Stop Shop For The Intelligence You Need to Succeed. The Lonely Entrepreneur is a single destination to help entrepreneurs unlock their potential by turning their passion and pressure into success. It is based on the harrowing story of Michael Dermer, a former New York corporate lawyer that left the law to build the first company to reward people for being healthy. After building his company from scratch for a decade, he watched it almost get destroyed overnight by the financial crisis of 2008. Michael not only saved his business but sold it and became known as an industry pioneer in healthcare. His experiences led him to write the book The Lonely Entrepreneur and to his mission to help entrepreneurs thrive in the struggle. Make sure to mention you were referred by Startup Port preferred partner network.   Join for a 14 days free trial.



Sales Empowerment Group, helps companies build sales teams and accelerate revenue. Over the last nine years, they helped over 500 companies excel by creating sound sales programs to improve Sales ROI and Sales Revenue.  Tony Lenhart is one of the founding partners of Sales Empowerment Group, he has personally worked with dozens of privately-held and/or VC/PE-backed companies with over 500 sales professionals. Tony has trained well over 2,000 sales staff on the art of sales through speaking engagements and pro-bono work at tech-incubators around Chicagoland. He is a true Sales Guru and referred in the industry as the “Sales Drummer”.  Get in touch with Tony at tony@salesempowermentgroup.com for more information about Sales Empowerment Group and how he and his Team can help improve your Sales. Make sure to mention you were referred by Startup Port preferred partner network.



Altan Erdemir is a Capital Markets specialist and a True Facilitator with a large network of professionals. He worked with leading M&A companies such as NASEBA for which he was the Director for Americas in Chicago. Besides coming from a deep dive financial background one of his specialty is in accessing Investors and Commercial Partners from the MENA region. He is well rehearsed in Private Lending, Raising capital, Alternative financing source, Acquisitions, Mergers, and Exit strategies. We call Altan the Network Guru. Contact Altan today at altanerd@gmail.com to increase your network presence and find alternative ways of financing. Make sure to mention you were referred by Startup Port preferred partner network.



George Vukotich, Ph.D., works with entrepreneurs and startup companies to help them build business strategies. George also work with business incubators and accelerators to help them design and build education and mentoring programs to help the incubated companies be more successful.  In addition to working with startups on strategy and implementation, he works with companies in the fund-raising stage. As a senior level executive responsible for creating the right programming he was responsible for making Chicago’s 1871 the premier high tech incubator in the world. He helped over 400 startups by developing, facilitating, and coordinating; education, mentoring, and networking opportunities. Created and implemented tools to help members gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. He is the founder of FinTank. A tech hub focused on helping Fintech & Blockchain startups be more successful. In addition to founding FinTank, he teaches at the college level and has written a number of books related to working with entrepreneurs. You can reach George at gvukotich@gmail.com.  Make sure to mention you were referred by Startup Port preferred partner network.



Terri Friel, Ph.D. has extensive knowledge in funding and corporate management. She has a background that spans all facets of the industry and academia, has four engineering degrees; BSChE, MENG, MS Eng Mgt and DE. Eng Mgt and a BA in French. She is an experienced engineer and leader whose extensive management assignments across many industries and several countries conducting analyses, strategy development and turn-arounds makes her adept at complex organizational analysis. With corporate management experience in BF Goodrich, Procter & Gamble, Mallinkrodt/Fries & Fries, PepsiCo and academic leadership at Butler and Roosevelt University, Terri has demonstrated her ability to solve difficult problems and manage complex and diverse projects while building a coalition for solving problems to develop new opportunities. She has served four times as a Federal Baldrige Examiner; a program that focuses on advising organizations how to improve and build upon its existing foundations to achieve excellence. She has consulted with organizations such as Toyota, Hitachi, City of Bardstown, RR Donnelley and many others. This wide spectrum of expertise is put to good use in evaluating early stage companies and helping them find funding. She is providing CEO services to Venture Connects which has assisted 64 clients to find $40 million in investments. She hosts a quarterly pitch event at Polsinelli PC with 30-50 investors attending and provides workshops to early stage companies regularly. She can be reach at tfriel@gmail.com. Make sure to mention you were referred by Startup Port preferred partner network.



Delaware  Agency provides all the services you need before & after incorporating your company in the US. Incorporate company in Delaware, open a bank account, obtain tax numbers, get an address in the USA, open a PayPal account, get an American phone number, get notary approval/apostille, consult us to maintain your business active, get quick support and more. To learn more about their services and pricing go to:  https://delawareagency.com  Make sure to mention you were referred by Startup Port preferred partner network.

Many more Expert Preferred Partners coming soon!



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