Extended full list of partners and alliance members coming soon!

Here are  areas of support provided by our accredited partners and collaborators:

  • Legal (in cooperation with established law firms)
  • Administrative / Accounting
  • Engineering / Design
  • Modeling / Prototyping / Testing
  • Marketing / Sales Force
  • Research (in cooperation with National Labs and Universities)
  • Product Development / Enhancement / Cost reduction
  • Equipment / Services / Supply Chain Sourcing
  • Programming / Coding (local support not offshore!)
  • Funding / Alternative financing solutions (in collaboration with local, domestic and international private equity, angel, venture and fund investors)
  • Grant and other funding research
  • Collaboratives and other Accelerators (in partnership with other startup ecosystems)
  • Office spaces
  • Staffing and board member selection
  • Travel and trade show support
  • Insurance and risk management/mitigation support
  • Internet Presence, Web Development & Design, E-Commerce


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