Startup Lab

You have a product, a business plan and you have a pitch …

  • You pitched to crowds and investors but have not created any traction!
  • No one jumped out of their seat to give you a check!
  • That’s what happens to the majority of startups
  • This is the most common problem!
  • There are many incubators and consultants offering advice in this field
  • We simply focus on helping you get out of this mode with our “solution” packages

We offer you a true alternative solution with no spin and no hype

Program Format

Your roadmap to success.

Fact: “one template” solution cannot be used for all problems

We need to know your idea (what are you solving?), about you (the person-entrepreneur-team) and your vision (where do you want to go) in order to create a step-by-step solution package around “your” needs for success

We offer 4 distinct solution packages formatted and focused just on your idea:

  • Step One: Review and Evaluate Your Business Model
  • Step Two: Idea Solution Review and Discovery
  • Step Three: Validation and Traction
  • Final Step Four: Improve Efficiency, Traction and Attract Further Funding

We recommend that you complete all packages to attain full fundability!

However, if you have a good model and business case we can provide you support in later stages of your startup for better traction, where you can select different sets of solution packages which best fit your roadmap to success.