There are a lot of noise about the perfect pitch out there.

Purveyors of startup stuff are selling their perfect pitch deck solution templates for as low as $150 ​templates ​and as high as $3,000 (​W​ho on earth will pay ​three​ grand for a deck?) And let’s not forget the “free” templates from the internet, which is a bunch of regurgitated stuff…

​A​s a team of startup supporters we have listened and watched hundreds (if not thousands) of presentations. And, we can say without hesitation that the majority of them really suck! There is a tiny portion (not even 5%) which are truly unique and convey a good message and a story. The rest is, well garbage.

There is a saying in sales: “A confused mind never buys”. And many do not understand the meaning of this sentence. If the presenter does not have a clear, , concise, focused and precise presentation, if he is confused about his own process, how on earth would the prospect sitting across him can buy into his offer?

Don’t leave a prospect confused! Yes, you guessed it: a confused mind will not buy!

So we decided to have a training course about what does the perfect pitch ​should ​look and sound like? ​This is not “one template fits all” blogosphere type of advise! After a brief interview with you we will lay out the path of achieving the best presentation possible. And one thing you need to also learn, a pitch is not a static process, it’s a dynamic process that constantly improves and evolves as your startup move forward!

In this training session we will cover the essentials of pitching to investors, including:

​How to explain your story?
How to explain the​ir​ problem and pain?
​Why your solution is the most viable?
What is the market fit of your solution?
Who is your “most” ideal customer?
What makes your​ ​approach unique?
​What makes your team unique​ and why?
Which metrics you need to cover
​What is the competition ​gap?
​What have you accomplished thus far?
How much skin in the game do you have?
How you plan competitive advantage?
What is you plan for financial success in the future?
What is your runway right now?
How much capital you need to achieve success?
​How will you use the raised capital?​
How will the investors make money?
How to best position your ​company​ after you achieve success?
How to stack all of the above in a meaningful way so you do NOT confuse your prospect (Investors or Sales Prospects)?

Are only few of the issues we tackle with you.

If you have the best pitch in town and are raising tons of money, then you don’t need to call us. But if you have a pitch that has been making investors shake their heads in confusion, send us and email and let’s get you going the right way.