People Product And Processes

(The first 3 Ps of Startup Port 6 P Process!)

In addition to innovation process from idea to value generating product and market proven business model, startups also need to build a strong and committed founding team and develop both of these together into a real growing business and organization running processes that effectively capture the value created.

​While there are many great resources and self education tools available for product and business development, where most important ones are captured in this framework as well. Much less resources and focus are available to understanding challenges of building a committed team and growing a scaling organization – especially from globally neutral perspective.

​Yet, if asked from professional investors and most professionals in business, pretty much all agree that while business is about people, products and processes – the team ranks as very important, – if not the most important factor.


Founders Team building and shareholder agreement workshop



The focus of this interactive two-hour webinar is on the key elements in building the founding team and team commitment, using the founder’s shareholder agreement (SHA) as the key “tool” and framework. On the shareholder agreement topic, we focus specifically on the business logic, process, benefits and value of making a shareholder agreement (less about the legal side).

The format of the webinar is a combination of training, Q&A and open discussion workshop by Hal Tezcan, an experienced international serial entrepreneur. This workshop is part of Startup Port Sprint 90 Program, ‘Discovering what really needs to be done for your startup’ -startup entrepreneurship & innovation training curriculum to build understanding about what matters the most and how to build a successful Team.


To Whom

The topic of this webinar is most valuable for founders and entrepreneurs at the formation and early validation phases that are forming their founding teams, specifically aimed at startup founders and founding team members, as well as for other team members looking to join an early stage startup in “sweat-equity” types of positions (freelancers, advisors, trainees etc.).

Additionally, this webinar is aimed at startup ecosystem supporting organizations team members that are working with new startup founders in helping their core founding teams and commitment to their venture.

Note: This webinar is also available as a one-on-one training module. Inquire with Startup Port ( to sign up for a private personal training and discovery session.


Some of the points you will get answers to:

  • How to look for and communicate when looking for a co-founder?
  • What are the big things to find alignment and how to talk about these topics?
  • What kind of contracts should you draft or sign before you register a company with other people/another person and at what point should you start to consider those?
  • How should we divide our ownership? What is the best logical way?
  • For how long should this contract last?
  • What if someone from your team leaves the company before the contract ends?
  • Can you modify the contract if something doesn’t go as you planned, and how do you go about doing that?
  • What are some of the most relevant “what if” situations that may occur and how to handle those?
  • Investors and SHA – The role of shareholder agreement in a fundraising process?
  • Various SHA agreement types and what are the differences?



“A shareholder agreement is a validation that startup has become more than a dream, an idea or a product. It’s “the core document” defining roles, rights & responsibilities, intellectual property rights (IPR), ownership levels, rules for shareholder entry & exit situations, vesting, confidentiality, etc.

Question about the SHA is also one of the first items among professional investors, lenders or advisors due diligence checklist.”


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