Entrepreneurship Education Series


The importance of Entrepreneurship Education

Ideas are cheap!

The idea is only the beginning and an appropriate entrepreneurship education based on the startup development phases is needed in order to avoid the most common mistakes and increase the number of successes.

How many startups can you name where the idea alone was the key driver of their success? 

You are probably drawing a blank here.

It takes more than one man with an idea to make things work and build successful startups which is why building on it with the right people becomes paramount.

So before we cling on to the notion that publishing an idea is the end of your possible venture remember:

“Being a startup is nothing else than being an architect in using existing ideas, concepts and software “legos” to solve existing market and customer problems with a great team.”

Building value relies on the execution, funding is only one of the enabling forces. 


Online Training Sessions

Our aim is to increase knowledge and volume of innovation entrepreneurship, to improve the likelihood of startup success by harmonizing key knowledge around startup development phases.

Our solution covers the entire innovation entrepreneurship curriculum via series of online training material. They are meant to give more support during the learning process for those who want to deepen the knowledge.


The training material has been compiled by our team of subject matter experts each with over 30 plus years of entrepreneurial experiential knowledge condensed into online training sessions.

Our education materials have been meticulously documented along while building and scaling international companies, doing research related to startup advisory and via hundreds of training sessions & feedback, – to finely refine and simplify (Keep it SIMPLE) a subject complex in nature into practical and simple enough, high-level curriculum.

Below you find more details about our sessions.


To whom?

  • Specifically suited for those preparing to go into this journey, either by starting a venture or joining a venture already in progress;
  • For those working with startups or startup related projects and activities; (For training the trainer)
  • For those looking to potentially start investing to startups;​
  • ​​Anyone who is interested to have better understanding about startups and the journey it takes from idea to success.​
  • Suited even for investors.


Structure, program Modules:

Module IA: Startup Journey


General presentation about startup development phases: from formation, to validation, to scaling. Key points from each of the stages from various perspectives (entrepreneur, team member, mentor, investor etc.)

Key terminology: idea & innovation, entrepreneurship & startups

Key success & failure factors

Investors, valuation, advisors & mentors

How startup stages help in building a venture

How do investors and others view startups?

How is value built and measured in various phases

Basic methods & tools

Additional tools & resources for self-learning​




Module IB: Ecosystem Training


General presentation about startup development phases (from formation, to validation to scaling) specifically from the support role’s perspective.

Key terminology: idea & innovation, entrepreneurship & startups

Innovation megatrends

Why startups?

Startup as a category​

Understanding & mapping startup ecosystems

Public-private partnerships

Developing startup ecosystems

Maturity levels and measures for startup ecosystems

Measuring and collecting valuable data​​​


Module II: Formation


Focus on the formation phase, which is the most crucial phase for co-founding team building

Preparing for the journey: what things to focus on and why?

Value of ideas & how to innovate more systematically

Building BIG visions, measuring potential

Success & failure factors

Mission, Vision & Strategy

Co-founder team building

Shareholder agreement (SHA)

Idea / team & Problem / solution fit

Market timing and journey, planning in short & long term​

Funding options and strategies at this stage

​Additional tools & resources for self-learning​​


Module III: Validation


Focus on product/service build and validation phase, which is the most crucial phase for future revenue and profitability generation

What things to focus on and why?

Defining a product and MVP

Defining initial business model

Customer development and future prioritization

Extended team building and funding options

Validation metrics

Methods & tools

Additional tools & resources for self-learning


​Module IV: Scaling


​Focus on scaling phase,  ​crucial phase for getting serious about building a real and scalable business

What things to focus on and why?

Business planning

Go to market strategies

Born global & internationalization

Scaling metrics (KPI’s)


Building processes

Funding options

Working with big companies

Methods & tools

Additional tools & resources for self-learning​


​It is necessary for startup ecosystems to have a common language and framework to describe, track, measure and guide entrepreneurship and innovation from an “Ideas to Products and into Growing Businesses” and from “Talent to Teams and to effective Organizations” in balanced manner.

Startup ecosystem development is about breaking ecosystem silos, sharing resources, removing inefficiencies and bringing connectivity and standardization at all levels, all of which require use of common language.

​​​When it comes to transferring entrepreneurship and startup knowledge, more transparency, common sense and efficiency is needed on how key knowledge is structured, connected and delivered.


For pricing & info about the online training contact us, info@startup-port.com