There are a lot of noise about the perfect pitch out there.

Purveyors of startup stuff are selling their perfect pitch deck solution templates for as low as $150 ​templates ​and as high as $3,000 (​W​ho on earth will pay ​three​ grand for a deck?) And there are also “Free” templates and PowerPoint slides decks ready to fill with your stuff. How well does all this work? Not much.

​A​s a team of startup supporters we have listened and watched hundreds (if not thousands) of presentations. And, we can say without hesitation that the majority of the really suck! There is a tiny portion (not even 5%) which are truly unique and convey a good message and a great story. The rest is, well garbage.

There is a saying in sales: “A confused mind never buys”. And many do not understand the meaning of this sentence. If the presenter does not have a clear, , concise, focused and precise presentation, if he is confused about his own process, how on earth would the prospect sitting across him can buy into his offer? Don’t leave a prospect confused! Yes, you guessed it: a confused mind will not buy!

So we decided to have a training course about what does the perfect pitch ​should ​look and sound like? ​This is not “one template fits all” blogosphere type of advise! After a brief interview with you we will lay out the path of achieving the best presentation possible.

In this training session we will cover the essentials of pitching to investors, including:

​How to explain your story
How to explain the​ir​ problem
​Why your solution is the most viable
What is the market fit of your solution
What makes your​ ​approach unique
​What makes your team unique​ and why
Which metrics you need to cover
​What is the competition ​gap
​What have you accomplished thus far
How you plan competitive advantage and for financial success in the future
How much capital you need to achieve success
​How will you use the raised capital​
How will the investors make money
How to best position your ​company​ after you achieve success
How to stack all of the above in a meaningful way so you do NOT confuse your prospect (Investors or Sales)

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