About the Sprint 90 Program

The Sprint 90 program is the flagship offering from Startup Port designed to empower founders and entrepreneurs through the idea stage, and into a productive outcome. The program moves at an accelerated pace, so businesses go to market faster.

Our program is based on a 90-day window in which founders and entrepreneurs create a roadmap for success. In this time, it is expected that our clients make launching a successful startup company the number one priority within their lives.

We will spend long days creating plans for any contingency possible. Founders will identify their strengths and weaknesses, while gaining access to the vast network of Startup Port subject matter experts.

This initial planning phase is a crucial time for any startup’s future success. The idea is to create a living document that serves as a roadmap for the journey ahead.

Sprint 90 Attacks Three Problems All Entrepreneurs Will Face:

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We work with you to discover what you need to know so that that you can commit to the best possible outcome. The program operates on an accelerated pace to keep entrepreneurs engaged on the creation of a successful business.


We assess your current standing, and what needs to be accomplished to create a viable plan for the future.


Our experts are available to help you create the roadmap that serves as your guide, and allows you to effectively execute for the desired outcome.