Available Weekly Services for Client Startups Participating in the Sprint 90 Program

Startup Port offers founders and entrepreneurs access to premiere business subject matter experts. Not all founders will need each of these services, but all will be available to offer tailor-made resources.

  • Legal – A review of organization and documentation. This includes agreements, contracts, and any internal or external documents.
  • Financial and Accounting – Financial modeling and statement generation that includes cost projections, pricing and funding requirements.
  • Organizational and Administrative – How to make sure your internal operations are in order.
  • Operations and Business Model – Review, planning, creation and calibration of internal documents and strategies.
  • Brand Management – Business marketing with a focus on brand, culture, image, identity, messaging, positioning, and the building of digital standards and PR.
  • Intellectual Property – The review and validation of internal documents and marketing materials before application.
  • Digital Marketing – Minimum viable product services, prototyping, wire-frames, screen shots, app reviews, front end, back end, simplifications, UX, and website readiness.
  • Market Fit and Validation Matrix – An in-depth examination of your idea, what and where the right fits may be, and who the ideal customer is.
  • Sales Road Map and Playbook – Strategy development for selling the idea, lead generation, and how to scale.
  • Review of Digital Media Collateral – In-depth reviews of sales, promotions, marketing, PR and social.
  • Business Leadership and Coaching – Preparation for becoming a CEO and business thought leader.
  • Presentation Collateral – Reviews of decks, pitches, executive summary and video.
  • Team – How to build a winning team around your business idea and assemble the right talent.
  • Capital – Preparing clients for the impending financing war, and introducing to a wave of resources and investments.


This is designed to be an all-inclusive program that will prepare you for business launch. We help entrepreneurs prepare for marketplace success. Do you have the next big idea? We’d love to work with you on your journey to make it a reality. Contact us today!