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An Independence Day perspective

Happy Independence Day to all. This July 4th celebration we will spend (sorry burn) over a billion dollars in fireworks (China thanks the US for this great celebration as most fireworks come from there.) According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, the total amount of fireworks used: 285.3 million pounds, at a cost of $1.09 billion! -2016 figures- (I am wondering is any progressive friends are calculating the poison, toxins and heat generated by this mayhem.) As for food & drinks […]

Kiosks at McDonald’s will replace tens of thousands of cashiers!

Kiosks at McDonald’s will replace tens of thousands of cashiers!

June 2017: McDonald’s will introduce more than 2500 kiosks in the US locations. Some don’t feel that humans should do these low paying jobs. Nonetheless, removing all these jobs from the market has drastic impact on employment and other social issues. We need to spread the benefits of automation more broadly. And. especially make sure that the displaced segment of the jobs are somehow supported in some other fashion. By the way the reason this automation is happening is the […]

You don’t have time to babysit…

Do you like the culture in your company? Your to-do list is a mile long and you don’t have the time to babysit and police everyone’s behavior but you see problems with your culture. This is an issue many entrepreneurs face. The truth is, it is your responsibility to hold the standard and make sure everyone else does as well. You must […]

Expand your team with interns [In Chicago?]

A money-saving strategy  With a smaller budget, it can be difficult to source the kind of help you need for your business to grow. Finding support doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Universities throughout the country are packed with undergraduate and in some cases graduate students that are ready, willing and eager to […]


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