Are Incubators and Accelerators helping startups?

Are Incubators and Accelerators helping startups?

At Startup Port we do NOT focus on tips, tricks, hype and hacks. Instead, we focus on the things that build a strong foundation for accelerated growth and mitigating operational and financial risks. That is why we worked for few months on gathering this important study on the impact of Incubators and Accelerators on the future of startups. We are not the judge or the jury, we are just laying out some data and facts and point out the reality. &nbsp […]

Know Your Value So They’ll Pay Your Price

Your Personal Pricing Young entrepreneurs frequently ask me: “Why do you do this for a living?” Well, I tell them, I know my value relative to the price that any employer (customer) is going to pay me (service provider) for consistently delivering that value to them as a paid employee. While I came prepared to answer business & pricing model design questions in front of a live student audience, I hadn’t realized that the value model was the basis for my […]

Practice Over Theory

Keeping Tally! A protégé of mine recently contacted me about his disappointment in his entrepreneurship professor’s poor attempt at team building…a seasonal arts and crafts exercise. Our phone chat led to an engaged discussion about my thoughts on an article he had come across as it relates to his desire to emulate what my business partners and I do as practicing entrepreneurs. The Finance & Philosophy major got the following reader’s digest of this article from me: Investors, of varied […]


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