19 creative accounting schemes for money-losing startups

19 creative accounting schemes for money-losing startups Quartz offers the following ideas for pro-forma accounting practices: The new age EBITDA principles for Startups  EBACE Earnings before all conceivable expenses EBILT Earnings before inevitable legal trouble EER Earnings excluding reality EEG Earnings excluding gluten ELOL Earnings leaving out losses EASA Earnings according to sycophantic analysts EBJC Earnings before John Carreyrou EWPF Earnings if women were paid fairly EBAIS Earnings before AI singularity EBAAI Earnings before Amazon ate our industry EBACT Earnings before awkward Congressional testimony EBPB Earnings before pivot to blockchain EBCDB Earnings before catastrophic data […]

Top reasons why startups fail

CBInsights published again their 20 reasons why startups fail research. We agree with most of it but have to differ on the first five reasons why a business fails. Startup failures rarely come from the inability to create a product or raise funds. Instead, the culprit is typically a lack of understanding of either the market or the customer. The first and utmost reason startups fail on our list is #1 but there is more to it. And here is […]

Are Incubators and Accelerators helping startups?

Are Incubators and Accelerators helping startups?

At Startup Port we do NOT focus on tips, tricks, hype and hacks. Instead, we focus on the things that build a strong foundation for accelerated growth and mitigating operational and financial risks. That is why we worked for few months on gathering this important study on the impact of Incubators and Accelerators on the future of startups. We are not the judge or the jury, we are just laying out some data and facts and point out the reality. &nbsp […]

What is Failure?

Failure comes down to: Either your execution sucks or There is no need for your product It’s that simple!   […]


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