How is your Equity doing lately?

How is your Equity doing lately?

For all those investors betting on new companies and getting equity for their investments:  Investors today are making one of the quintessential and most often repeated mistakes of all time… Equity only has value if there’s something left over for investors after all those other commitments are met. That excess is cash profit. Equity only has value if a company earns a profit. Equity gets its value from whatever is left over after a company pays […]

Minimum wage hikes across the Nation taking place July 1st

Many working Americans are getting a raise this Saturday, July 1st Minimum wage hikes take effect Saturday in cities, counties and states across the country. California workers will see the highest increases. Other parts of the country have approved more modest minimum wage bumps. As a baseline, reminder that the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Congress hasn’t raised it in 10 years. Illinois: Chicago: $11 an hour. Cook County, Illinois: $10 an hour. California: Los Angeles: $12 an […]

Practice Over Theory

Keeping Tally! A protégé of mine recently contacted me about his disappointment in his entrepreneurship professor’s poor attempt at team building…a seasonal arts and crafts exercise. Our phone chat led to an engaged discussion about my thoughts on an article he had come across as it relates to his desire to emulate what my business partners and I do as practicing entrepreneurs. The Finance & Philosophy major got the following reader’s digest of this article from me: Investors, of varied […]


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