An Independence Day perspective

Happy Independence Day to all. This July 4th celebration we will spend (sorry burn) over a billion dollars in fireworks (China thanks the US for this great celebration as most fireworks come from there.) According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, the total amount of fireworks used: 285.3 million pounds, at a cost of $1.09 billion! -2016 figures- (I am wondering is any progressive friends are calculating the poison, toxins and heat generated by this mayhem.) As for food & drinks […]

Know Your Value So They’ll Pay Your Price

Your Personal Pricing Young entrepreneurs frequently ask me: “Why do you do this for a living?” Well, I tell them, I know my value relative to the price that any employer (customer) is going to pay me (service provider) for consistently delivering that value to them as a paid employee. While I came prepared to answer business & pricing model design questions in front of a live student audience, I hadn’t realized that the value model was the basis for my […]


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