THE DAILY PITCH from Startup Port

Starting in few weeks we will upload the Pitch Deck or Video Presentation of one startup a day, a different startup every day for the year. that’s 365 startups a year to be presented for free. 

Come back soon and view awesome startups from the comfort of your seat, wherever you are! A different one every day.

For startups: If you are interested in using our “free” platform, send us your deck (must be less than 26 slides, the shorter the better, 8 to 12 ideal!) our team will review and post it on our The Daily Pitch © once. Make sure there is a contact slide so the viewers can contact you directly. In case you don’t have a proper deck, Startup Port can create one for you.

Investors: Please contact the presenting startups directly.

Another “free” service from Startup Port to our startup founders and entrepreneurs!

Disclosures and legal terms coming soon (we have to have our legal advisors involved to keep them busy…)

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