Startup Port and The Lonely Entrepreneur Partner To Help Chicago Entrepreneurs Bring Their Ideas to Life


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NEW YORK. NY, AND CHICAGO, IL March 5, 2017 – Startup Port and The Lonely Entrepreneur have partnered to unlock the potential of Chicago entrepreneurs by bringing The Lonely Entrepreneur Community to Chicago and combining it with Startup Port’s expertise in the startup journey.

The Lonely Entrepreneur recently launched its Community – a single destination for entrepreneurs that understands the struggle and provides them with solutions to the business and personal issues they all face.   Startup Port will now combine the Community with its suite of assets to provide entrepreneurs with all the tools to start, develop and execute their businesses.

The Lonely Entrepreneur Community is a comprehensive suite of assets to help entrepreneurs thrive in the struggle of being the entrepreneur that will now be available to entrepreneurs in Chicago.  The Community is centered on a robust online learning platform (with 150 bite-size sections) organized around the issues all entrepreneurs face. It combines this easy-to-use learning with:

  • Community: real-time interactions with fellow entrepreneurs to dialogue with peers and share best practices and resources
  • Reminders: daily distribution of perspectives, lessons, and tips to keep entrepreneurs focused on the most important things
  • Conversations: weekly conversations about life and business with founder Michael Dermer and The Lonely Entrepreneur team
  • Vendor Reviews: reviews of the most commonly needed solutions and vendors
  • Tools: templates, forms and sample agreements that entrepreneurs need

“Our mission is to unlock the potential of entrepreneurs worldwide by turning their passion and pressure into success” said founder Michael Dermer. “Startup Port understands that while ideas are powerful, they truly unlock the entrepreneurial spirit when ideas are brought to life. Their expertise in execution is a perfect fit with our Community to help entrepreneurs.”

“Startup Port understands the journey from idea to execution,” said Hal Tezcan, founder of Startup Port. “The Lonely Entrepreneur Community provides a comprehensive and structured environment that is the perfect complement to our execution capabilities to help entrepreneurs unlock their potential.“

The Lonely Entrepreneur Community follows on the release of Michael Dermer’s book “The Lonely Entrepreneur” and his unique experience of watching the healthcare business he built from scratch almost be destroyed overnight by the financial crisis of 2008.

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About Startup Port

 Startup Port provides a finely tuned business support process that accelerates the successful development of startups by providing entrepreneurs with an array of carefully targeted resources and services. These services have been specifically developed by its management Team and through our vast network of expert contacts and collaborators. To learn more visit,

 About The Lonely Entrepreneur

The Lonely Entrepreneur is a single destination to help entrepreneurs unlock their potential by turning their passion and pressure into success. It is based on the harrowing story of Michael Dermer, a former New York corporate lawyer that left the law to build the first company to reward people for being healthy. After building his company from scratch for a decade, he watched it almost get destroyed overnight by the financial crisis of 2008.  Michael not only saved his business but sold it and became known as an industry pioneer in healthcare.  His experiences led him to write the book The Lonely Entrepreneur and to his mission to help entrepreneurs thrive in the struggle. To learn more visit,



We understand the struggle. We’ve been there. Long days, late nights, endless questions and hard to find answers. And no single destination that knows what it’s like to sit in your shoes and provides answers. Until Now!

Our mission is to unlock the potential of entrepreneurs worldwide by turning our passion and pressure into success.


Entrepreneurs want one destination with all the tools to be a better entrepreneur. Our Community combines robust online learning (150 modules), a vibrant community, daily reminders and weekly conversations with founder Michael Dermer. We are here for you at every step of your journey.


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