CNN recently dubbed energy stocks “the new era FAANGs.”

And for good reason. Energy is the #1 sector of 2022 and beyond.

Trust me it’s not clean energy suchlike wind, solar, or other StarTrek galactic nonsenses.

This is real tangible, tried and true consistent long term energy products

In fact, it’s outperforming the next-best tech sector by 1,960%.


But there’s ONE thing the mainstream press is missing about the energy story… and they really don’t want to talk about it because they’re afraid of being against the change culture and the politically correct minority.

But knowing this “secret” could help you make a great deal of money.


If you think this is hogwash, think again:

  1. In 2019 it was estimated there were 1.4 billion cars on the planet.


  1. As of this year the average sales of ALL electric vehicles were over 7.5 million. Including light duty trucks, busses, vans, and cars.


  1. The increase of EV sales is at an average of 2.5% increase a year.


  1. It’s a fact that 1.4 billion ICE vehicles will need fuel for a long time. Ten to 20 maybe even 30 years!


  1. Plus all these new EVs are going to be charged to function. Requiring massive energy from, guess what? Oil, coal, and LNG.


  1. It has been proven scientifically and financially that wind, solar, sea wave power (even combined) will never be enough to support EV charging infrastructure.


  1. The ICE vehicle marketplace is not dead at all. It is proven by sales growth that the ICE vehicles sales will peak by 2032!


  1. The year of peak ICE in the United States (when ICE vehicles reach their maximum number) will be determined by two factors, according to research: the annual sales mix of ICE and EV vehicles, and ICE-vehicle scrappage. Peak ICE will not be reached before 2032 and, under certain circumstances, it could arrive as late as 2035, global and US reaseach predicts.


There are a lot of other facts that proves fossil fuel energy are here to stay.

But the bureaucracy which is in bed with the EV industry, the clean-green coalitions and the cancel cultures are passing laws to limit the use, extraction, distribution, and support of the traditional fossil fuel energy production.

At one point when the supplies of these sources will dwindle because of wrong political and selfish agendas, but the demand for ICE will still be here.

And when this demand will over stretch the supply, then the values of all the energy companies (oil and LNG) will soar.

Do your own research and start investing smart, don’t get blind sighted by the EV industry news and BS.


Let me tell you the endgame of electric cars.

It’s not to replace your current gasoline car with an electric.
There won’t be enough raw materials for all the batteries to do that. This is a scientific fact.
In order to generate re-charging electricity to all that is electric plus the cars, the world will need to generate more power. Coal in one of the alternatives that cannot be replaced. Thus making the EV green supporters thesis hypocritical and nonsense.

The plan is to replace your car with walking while only the elite can afford an electric car.

It’s all a political (left side, progressive, liberal, anti everything) maneuver to better control masses!


It’s that obvious and plain!


The views and insights expressed in this article are from Hal Tezcan and not do not represent that of Startup Port 



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