I usually see the good in people, believing they want what’s best for themselves, others, and their organizations. But, there are types of people who can significantly negatively impact both people and organizations:
Ten types of toxic personalities, based on great definitions from Jeroen Kraaijenbrink.

Each type has its own way of causing trouble:

1. HiPPO – Highest Paid Person’s Opinion, sides with the boss
2. ZEBRA – Zero Evidence But Really Arrogant, full of hearsay
3. WOLF – Working On the Latest Fire, always looks busy and runs
4. RHINO – Really Here In Name Only, no one knows what he does
5. SEAGULL – Senior Executive that Always Glides in, Takes others solutions, Unloads and Leaves Loudly
6. DODO – Dangerously Outdated Opinions, a total dynosaur
7. ViPER – Vindictive Person Endangering Results, loves gossip
8. MOUSE – Muddled Opinions, Usually Swayed Easily, goes with the flow and unexpectedly changes sides
9. PARROT – Pretty Annoying and Ridiculously Repeating Others, no mind of its own
10. DONKEY – Data Only, No Knowledge, No Expertise or Why it’s done that way, analytic mind with no practice

(Make sure to blend this with the color coded personas as depicted in the famous book “Surrounded by Idiots”. You will see there are a lot of traits that match exactly.
Often, the characteristics of the animal itself closely correspond to what it represents.
Take a look at examples like PARROT, DODO, DONKEY.
Notice the alignment?

This is what makes the Zoo such a potent tool for analyzing people.

Now think about the people around you.

Which toxic personalities do you recognize?

You cannot avoid toxic personalities all the time.

But this awareness should at least help deal with them a little more effectively.

Toxic employees destroy your culture and your bottom line:
This was scientifically proven by Harvard Research.

Nothing destroys a culture faster than feelings of danger and mistrust.

Leaders who wait to contain toxic damage risk losing everything.

Adapted from Jeroen Kraaijenbrink.
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