Empowering Businesses for Success

Startup Port is a hybrid support platform that offers venture development solutions for early stage entrepreneurs looking to build successful companies.

Our founding members came together in Chicago in 2008, to help entrepreneurs shape and fulfil their startup goals. Our team collectively founded multiple companies in our previous careers and provided executive leadership to even more. We offer decades of collective experience in multiple business disciplines – giving us the ability to uniquely fill any startup’s business gaps.

Our signature Sprint 90 program values time above all other forms of capital. The intensive pace of our program requires startups to create an exacting structure for accelerated growth, forcing founders to consider multiple scenarios.

By the end of our program you will be ready and prepared to launch your business. Your experience with Startup Port will prepare you for what you face on the road ahead.

We are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and founders of all types – and we have worked at this goal together now for more than a decade. Our work is not limited to the technology sector. We help startups of all types.

Our Vision is to empower entrepreneurs and founders to adapt and keep pace in a startup world that is evolving at an exponential pace. We locate and work with the companies of the future who are focused on improving the quality of life within their target audience.

Our Mission is to help clients manage this accelerated pace by identifying emerging technology, propose implications, and offer impactful solutions that create value and growth.


The Startup Port Team  

Startup Port’s strength is in the assembled knowledge from a wide range of subject matter experts. Entrepreneurs who work with us have the benefit of learning and implementing strategies in a wide variety of business disciplines including:

  • Legal & Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Technology
  • Financial
  • C Suite support, CEO/COO/CFO/CIO/CMO
  • Branding, PR & Reputation
  • Product Development
  • Prototyping & Cost Reduction
  • Product Launch
  • Product Sales
  • Investing & Fund Raising
  • Data & Analytics
  • Marketing

Many of our subject matter experts have founded, built and sold off businesses of their own. Some are retired, and others are still prospering in their respective fields.

No matter how prepared you are, every startup has gaps. Our team helps entrepreneurs create strong, successful, well-rounded startups capable of taking a commanding position within their marketplace. We help startups just like yours succeed.


Work with Us 

For today’s founders and entrepreneurs, the competition is fierce. There is no shortage of companies looking to have a positive impact on the world of tomorrow. Yet so few (less than 20 percent) make it. At Startup Port, we work hard every day to improve that number.

It’s critical for founders to take advantage of the resources all around them.

There is no need to operate in a vacuum.