Creating Your Startup Ecosystem & Journey In Three Steps

Our customized and proprietary startup strategy starts with three core elements, designed to empower your business and create an environment for success.


1. Join The Sprint 90® Program

Our comprehensive and proprietary signature program, Sprint 90®, helps your business go all the way from idea stage to a functioning reality. Think of it as a roadmap for success on an accelerated process schedule. We work with a small, select group of qualified startups all the way through the launch process, addressing challenging problems, management gaps and fundraising issues. It’s a competitive program with a proven track record.

2. Utilize Our Network of Experts

We understand that a business often begins as a founder’s passion. But actually bringing that passion to fruition requires new knowledge and skill sets. That’s why we make key experiential knowledge available to our clients! Our experts have been through the process many times before, and can help shepherd new startups through any initial challenges. Whether you need legal, financial, marketing, or other kinds of help, we can offer seasoned subject-matter experts to see you through.

3. Draw From A Universe of Resources

Launching a business requires a broad knowledge base and the tools to move forward despite the obstacles in your way. Startup Port® offers access to documents, articles, books, and other resources that give you an advantage in the marketplace. What’s more, we can provide a dedicated planning space that allows startups to develop businesses in a nurturing environment that meets your needs.