Here are the areas of support provided by our accredited partners, collaborators and members:

Legal (in cooperation with established law firms)
Administrative / Accounting / Due diligence / Financial Management
Engineering / Design /Development / Product Launch
Modeling / Prototyping / Testing
Marketing / Sales Force / PR / Branding / Presentation collateral / Print Media / Video Production
Research (in cooperation with National Labs and Universities)
Product Development / Enhancement / Cost reduction
Equipment / Services / Supply Chain Sourcing
Programming / Coding (local support not offshore!)
Funding / Alternative financing solutions (in collaboration with local, domestic and international private equity, angel groups, venture and fund investors, syndicators, crowdfunding)
Grant and other non traditional funding research
Collaboratives and other Accelerators and Co-Foundries (in partnership with other startup ecosystems)
Office space
Staffing and Board Member selection / Mentor selection / HR placement
Travel and trade show support
Insurance and risk management/mitigation support
Internet Presence, Web Development & Design, E-Commerce


Check back as more member are added.