I love this article.

It describes almost to a tee our philosophy at Startup Port.

Here are five lessons from the Startup Nation and from Israeli culture in general, and five rules which we live by (the similarities are astounding!):

1. Lemons can always be turned into lemonade.

Ours; There are always diamonds in the rough!

2. Directness and transparency go a long way.

Ours: We are as brutally honest as possible, take off the face mask and be true (to yourself and others!)

3. Community is everything.

Ours: Yes indeed, collaboration, support from the ones been in the trenches/been there and cross-polenization is everything!

4. Nothing is too daring.

Ours: We are contrarians. We believe in thought diversity driving innovation. Unpredictability creates opportunity, and action beats analysis.

5. Always lend a hand.

Ours: What can I say, we are always looking at ways to help.

Link to the article: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/286573


Posted by: Hal Tezcan, Co Founder Startup Port, April 7, 2017