A quick guide for external collaboration and networked innovation. This triple approach is often used in creating external collaboration capabilities:
1) identify business units or corporate functions with pains or opportunities that can benefit from working with external partners,
2) identify the key reasons why you want to pursue external partnerships for the chosen units or functions and
3) identify the proper stakeholders for exploiting or exploring pains or opportunities and the channels and approaches for working with them.
The why, who and how for working with external partners:
What is your motivation for working with external partners? Some examples:
# Develop better products and services together with others
# Speed up your time to market
# Find and develop new technologies and approaches that we can’t do by ourselves
What types of stakeholder groups can you work with to achieve your objectives? Some examples:
# Customers / users
# Suppliers
# Startups
How can you work with your stakeholder groups? Some examples:
# 1-1 partnerships
# 1-many partnerships
# Many-many partnerships