You can pay us now or pay us later.

In an old commercial for FRAM oil filters, a mechanic is heard talking from under the belly of a car with the engine disassembled, in a state of major repair. The mechanic intones dramatically, “You can pay me now or pay me later.” His meaning is clear and loud: Changing the oil and the filter on a regular basis is a necessity that can’t be ignored. You can pay a modest fee every 3,000 miles to replace oil and filter (pay me now) or you can pay a much larger fee when the engine has to be rebuilt (pay me later).

Here is the link to the old 1972 commercial (We love it)


The same analogy holds true for business matters.

Especially for startups on a tight budget (It’s called “bootstrapping” or “lean” nowadays). Hey, we are all in for lean stuff and bootstrapping. But if you don’t have the right talent pool with the right leadership and advisory support (The “right stuff”), you will be spinning your wheels for a while. Do you think that the wasted time to learn from your mistakes and failures is worth it? Well, experience tells us most likely NOT!


Time is a “Capital” that cannot be rewound back and reset.

There is no “Alt-Del” control function for resetting your time. Time is “final”. Time “expires”. What is spent is spent and cannot be refunded, or returned! Stop and think about where you are after wasting the last six months reading blog posts and listening to events (and boy there are plenty of them) and having a series of “pro-bono” mentors and advisors act like helping you?


We take our “Capital” very seriously!

At Startup Port, our capital is the years of “from the trenches” expertise, know-how, skill sets, passion, and grits that make us so different from the others out there. We bring to the table (and to your business) years of real life expertise to cut through the chase, waste, and exercises of getting things done. We create a roadmap, solve gaps and execute at a lightning speed. We have a system which propels your idea to execution in a matter of weeks rather than months and/or years.


How Much Time Do You want To Waste?

So here is a fair warning to all the young startup entrepreneurs; (just like the 1972 TV commercial) you can pay us now and get going faster with your idea, or you can waste a lot of time and money and pay us later. It boils down to “How Much Time Do You Want To Waste?

It’s really in your call!


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