Our Preferred Partner business lawyers assist and advise start-ups and emerging growth companies on fundraising matters, from performing legal due diligence to ensure our startups have the right legal framework before seeking investment, to helping you prepare the correct documentation for your investment process.

Startup Port and our Preferred Partner Legal teams can help with fundraising rounds of every kind, including seed rounds (from Family & Friends), Angel rounds, Syndicated rounds or Series A and beyond.

The following are some of the fundraising matters Startup Port has helped our startups with:

Term Sheets

Convertible Notes

Convertible Note Purchase Agreements

SAFE Agreements (Simple Agreement for Future Equity)

KISS Agreements

Subscription Agreement Stock

Purchase Agreement

Stock Transfer Agreement

Conversion from a Limited Liability Company to a Corporation (We always recommend to start with a C Corp!)

Legal Due Diligence to Prepare for Investment

Advising on Various Methods to Raise Money from Investors

Advising on Various alternative funding options

Advising on CrowdSourcing and CrowdFunding options

Advising on Best Practices and Procedures for fund raising

Advising on whether or not the company is ready to fund raise

Advising on Tax Impact on various investment processes


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