As of January 10, 2017:

Here is a list of incubators and accelerators that are accepting applications for Startups:


Start-Up Port

3 months Sprint 90 Program. Product/business development, operational advisory, shared working space, funding options. CHI only. Min. of $12,000 services value, no equity, follow on guaranteed for successful teams


Funding, Mentors & 13 weeks intensive focus on your company
NYC, ATL, LA, CHI +More • $120,000 for 6-10% • 100+ Mentors

Newark Venture Partner Labs
Top-class mentors 1 year free space & Up to $1M follow-on guaranteed
New Jersey, NY • $100,000 for 6%

Microsoft Accelerator

4 Months equity free program w/Access to MSFT experts & resources
Seattle, WA • 0% Equity

Alexa Accelerator

Funding & resources for Startups advancing voice-powered technologies
Seattle, WA • $120,000 for 6-10% • 100+ Mentors

Sephora Accelerate

For women-led Beauty/Social Impact startups – Grants, SF trips etc.
San Francisco, CA

Kairos 50

Pitch top tier VCs, political leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs & celebs @NYSE

PitchIt @LendIt in partnership with 500 Startups

Win Free pass ($2995), Travel, Mentorship, PR ++ for Fintech Startups

Collab by LumenLab | MetLife

InsurTech only: $100k Pilot, Singapore trip & Access to experts + PR
Singapore, SG

Stadia Accelerator

Grow your Sports Startup w/Access to funds, sport biz execs & mentors
Saint Louis, MO • Up to $100,000 • 100+ Mentors • Closes in 3 days


90% Success Rate w/Kick ass curriculum & super genius mentors
Boulder, CO • $20,000 for 6% • Closes in 12 days

SixThirty CYBER

Funding + Connections to top Biz/Gov customers for cyber innovation
Saint Louis, MO • Up to $200,000

Travelport Labs Accelerator

Get funding, expert mentorship & customers – TravelTech only
Englewood, CO • $30,000 for 8%

Kayon Accelerator

1:1 Expert support, funding +More to help you get to market & scale
Amherst, MA • $30,000 for 8% • Closes in 10 days

Digital Financial Services Innovation Lab

Refine, grow & launch your Fintech Startup in developing countries
Seattle, WA • Up to $100,000


#1 Accelerator for Consumer Products – Supercharge your growth/sales
Austin, TX

INFINITI LAB Smart Mobility

Support from INFINITI/Nissan experts, Proof of concepts, Funding ++
Singapore • 0% Equity

Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative

Grants & support for Startups helping underserved markets get online

Hardware Cup

For early-stage Hardware Startups w/$50k Prize from Startbot VC
LA, Boston, Chicago, Austin +More • $50,000 Prize • Closes in 11 days