​In the last decade I devoted some of my time to learn more about our ‘brain” and our “thought process”.

The more I learn, the more I realize how little we know about our own thought process and how our minds are stuck in our own habit loops. Besides who we are, how we think is what matters most, when you think about it. And it is what makes us as a person. I was blessed to travel to and live in many countries while very young (Almost for a decade an a half) What I gained out of these travel experiences was an insight to cultural diversity and different ways of thinking.

I did not realize it at that time (Too young to appreciate the experience) but later I understood the importance and relevance of how important your surroundings are to your thinking patterns. And, later in life I realized that diversified thinking patterns changes us for the better. The more diverse our trained thinking patterns are, the more accurately we will be able to interact with information and more importantly with others around us.

I want to share this excellent article by Zat Rana on Medium which explains so well what I realized and how it impacted my life and though process.

“It’s Not What You Know, It’s How You Think” by @Zat_Rana


Hal Tezcan, The Adaptive Generalist

Founding partner, Startup Port