Chicago, IL, May 25:

On May 1, Startup Port welcomed two U.S. Department of State sponsored Professional Fellows via WorldChicago’s Tech Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Education Program. It’s hard to believe how three weeks have flown by. It’s time for them to go back to their homeland.

It has been a great pleasure hosting Igor Mirkovic (From Croatia) and Mirza Resic (From Bosnia) at Startup Port. Igor’s knowledge in the IT business development field has helped not only Startup Port but also some of our startups implementing CRM platforms and understanding the value of customer management regardless of the types if business you are involved in. Mirza’s insights in international business and project management was a welcome perspective not only for Startup Port but also for our future startup solution offerings here and abroad.

We have come to learn that Igor and Mirza have extensive professional experience in their respective fields and are actively involved with developing the technology ecosystems where they work and live. During their month long work-stay, they have had the opportunity to learn about Chicago’s technology ecosystem and contributed to Startup Port’s execution on business tactics that yield sustained traction for seed stage operations.

“We are saddened to see them go”, says Hal Tezcan. “Each Fellow brought a specific set of skills that can be utilized as a complement to our approach to venture development here in Chicago. We look forward to working together with Igor and Mirza in an effort to continue helping our startups execute on establishing cross-border partnerships and generating traction through strategic collaboration both here in Chicago and in their home countries.”

Startup Port has been catalyzing innovation in Chicago and the Midwest since 2008. With strong business connections to Central Asia and the Middle East, the venture development company stands to further benefit from diversifying its exposure to the technology ecosystems of the Balkans Region. In return, each of WorldChicago’s Professional Fellows will benefit from learning how business is conducted in Chicago, the Midwest and the other U.S. regions where Startup Port’s Operating Advisors have either founded or exited technology businesses.

Startup Port – Startup Port is not an “Incubator” or “Accelerator”. It is a “Hybrid” startup support platform that offers The Sprint 90 Program, a full suite of venture development solutions, to seed stage (pre-revenue to $1.5 million in gross sales) technology operators whom are looking to build companies that yield sustained traction.

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