Startup Failures

I am wondering (for decades now) who is doing the vetting/due diligence before investing in startups that are literally doomed to failure from the very beginning!

It seems like investors have a major problem in finding who (By the way, we invest in people) and what will be successful.

They keep investing in duds over and over again.

And after a painful and sometimes lengthy exercise in futility (and not to mention burned money) they try to explain why their investment failed!

Here is an updated list of post-mortem startups compiled by CDInsights. The list is alarmingly growing and I am afraid this list is going to hyper increase as the decision/payments for convertible notes are going to hit the bank.

Hey Investors, Startup Port vet not only the idea but also the founders, give us a try before wasting your money.

Here is the link to the article about the post-mortem startup list:

And if you want to chat with one of our experts send us an email, we’ll get back to you, explain our proprietary process and most likely help save you a bundle of frustration, money and most importantly “time”.

Hal Tezcan, Co-Founder, Startup Port.