Discovered the best kept entrepreneurial secret in the Balkans! The University of Split, Croatia.

Honored to be a speaker, mentor and coach at the Move It Forward Program at the Global Opportunities Beyond Borders Conference in Split, Croatia.

October 5, 2017

Presentations were made by a group of six Chicago startup experts:

Carol Fowler – “Building a personal brand”

Stella Ashaolu – “Optimising marketing, operation and workforce strategy”

Hal Tezcan – “Scaling your business”

Elisa Mitchell – “Startup development – incubation phase”

Nicole Yeary – “Women in Tech”

Toni Maraviglia – “Making an impact”


After the presentations, special topic workshops were provided to the attendees:

1. Idea to prototype

Elisa, Carol, Lana, Tomo

2. Entering the market

Nicole, Stella, Sandra, Šolak

3. Scale, grow, prosper

Toni, Hal, Šerc, Igor


October 6, 2017

Pitch competition


A big thank you to the Croatian Fellows who were part of the WorldChicago program who put together this event. A superb organization and a great Team. Bravo!


Hal Tezcan

Startup Port Co Founder