90% of marketers agree: Consistent branding across all marketing channels is incredibly important not only for sales but to also relay your message to the right customer.

The problem is, only about 10% of companies know how to do this effectively. The rest don’t have the right tag line or message  to frame  and replicate their “voice” perfectly, each and every time.

Branding helps you properly communicate and control your business’ identity.

The proper way of doing this is to define your brand story, identify “key” differentiations and value propositions to determine your unique “tone and voice”  within your industry.

In order to do this in a disciplined and repeatable manner you need to define your logo, your tag lines, your color palette, your fonts and your internal and external usage guidelines.

Chose and create a style that portrays you in a disciplined and cohesive manner, and refine your voice for the required marketing and sales across channels with consistency.

Doing so can lay the groundwork for a strong brand narrative that remains strong across all channels.


Don’t go out in the market without a Brand Image and the right narrative to support it. Without it you will be a no one!