Let’s face it! We all have a “time management deficit”.  And, it’s time to review your priorities.

Let’s be honest, we all think we are crazy busy! Right?

We all know the feeling, we have to make a call or send an email to explain why we haven’t delivered on something in the agreed time frame.

Or perhaps someone has become increasingly frustrated because you haven’t returned their call or email. Somewhere in the discussion, the words slip out “it’s just that I’ve been so busy and occupied with other things”!

For many of us this is the worst possible excuse one can give for failing to deliver something they promised. It is likely that the person you are saying this to is probably as busy as or busier than you.

If you find yourself using the “I’ve just been so busy” excuse it might be time to come up with a better approach, or better yet it is time to review your time management process!

Nothing is more frustrating and even insulting when you are crazy busy yourself to have someone else using it as an excuse. Explaining what has actually taken your attention and time away and what you are doing about it may be a better way of handling this situation. Reassure the other side that you are taking steps to better manage your time and priorities explaining how that will look and what it will mean for them.

Thanks to the fast pace of business and the digital world we are all ridiculously busy and getting busier by the minute. Our mailboxes, to-do lists and even more tasks requiring our attention on a daily basis is overwhelming. Constantly blaming how busy you are not to get back to them on time is not an excuse but a deficiency!

We need to be more straight forward with why we are so busy and what we will do to avoid failing to deliver so we can regain the trust of the other side.

Stay busy but know how to manage your time!

Published On: 11/30/2023 / Categories: Genel /