Sales, Sales and Sales!

It is so simple but yet so many miss it!

There are too many challenges a growing startup face.

Finding the right model, the right team, the right prospects, the right passion and culture, the right image and branding.

But, many forget the one critical and crucial component to success: IT IS SALES!

At the end of the day SALES cures all.

Sales is more important than funding (I know some will attach me brutally on this one, but hey, we stand by what we know, facts always trump assumptions, there are too many assumptions nowadays which are rampant in the startup ecosystem!)

So as a startup founder, screw all the crap you hear about success (purveyed by too many expert wannabes) and concentrate like a gadfly on traction from SALES.

At the end of the day what is going to make you successful is learning how to catch more fish and not to ask for a fish! (If you don’t know what a gadfly is, look it up)

Good luck and contact us if you need to catch more fish, we may be able to help you.

You need the right fishing rod, the right bait-lure, the right spot, and the right attitude to catch more fish.


Send us an email to, with the subject “help me catch more fish!” and will show you how it’s done.



Published On: 11/30/2023 / Categories: Genel /